Lineage 2 Hacking Tools

It is a program to check if the server you are playing is online.

L2J server
The famous Lineage 2 Java server (L2J) along with all the stuff that is needed for correct working and installation. You can make your own server with it.

Lineage Utils
A program so you can edit the lineage 2 game.

Lineage 2 – Fashion
Local fitting room for Lineage II

Lineage2 connector
It is a tool that will let you connect to any server you want without the need of getting the appropriate l2.ini .

Microsoft NET Framework 2.0
Very famous utility of Microsoft. You will need it in order to have a correct work with the hacks.

Program which removes the lag when you have two windows of the game open. Extremely useful when you make DualBoxing.

alli crest
Crests for alliance.

clan crest
Crests for clan

eL2Walker 1.46
The best InGame bot. I bet a lot of you where looking for it.

gui l2j
A program for fast and convenient start of your L2 java (L2J) server.

A decoder for Lineage 2.

Lineage 2 Informer 1.3
A tool of Lineage 2, L2Informer.

Program which shows the Health Points of the target, its level, equipment, stats, map with all the players and npc on it( and stuff) and a useful clock.

The most famous hack program on lineage 2 which was created by h1nt. It sends and receives packets from the server and vise versa.

l2helper 2.61
It is a bot, and it is an alternative solution to L2Walker.

nude patch
A patch that makes your character naked

A program for getting tokens which are needed when you want to make a bot for a server.

L2 editor (C3 C4)
It is a program which is used to code lineage 2 files. A coder in other words!

L2 Monster 1.7
A program that makes its user immune to all attacking skills. Lots of other features.

L2 Brut 1.4
A program to steal the password of other users.

L2PacketHack 3.1.4
A hlapex like program but this is better and works on C6 servers.


Dimitris said...

thank you

Procurando O Imaginário said...

hi could you explain were to get these aplications and how yo use them?

George said...

please tell me how to use this applications or where i can download them because i need it. and also how i can make my own weapon. send it to pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Eric Greer said...

I'm curious: How do I bot on an L2J server with OOG Walker?

how to use it said...

let me see

Anonymous said...

very nice

MasterPlay said...

I would like to know about the L2brut.Does it steal the whole acc or just the pass??Sry never heard of it b4 and i would like to know how to use it

MasterPlay said...

Pluss i am interested in the L2 connector what is it exactly?

Anonymous said...

How do we get these I am interested as well.

nano said...

where i download all? (free)

Anonymous said...

all this cheat programs made by russian! _ _

Anonymous said...

omg guys u should be banned from every server on earth... if u like this game so much try and understand how to play it first...and then complain that u're too noob so "omg i'm gonna but a bug to become the coolest guy around " . U should be ashame cause there are other guys just like u who are trying their best and succed without any software help... u make me sick ,,u're not real Lineage Players...

Anonymous said...

pliz send me some information of where to find this programms and download them...Pliz i need them very much....PM

Anonymous said...

All links i've found here: _ttp://

Anonymous said...

if someone can bot here plz let me know by posting here thank u

derbeste89 said...


Anonymous said...

donde los descargo??????
perdon por hablar en espa├▒ol

Phoenix_X said...

well... there are some really useless ones there... for example: MultiWin...

go to System -> options -> Audio/Game and uncheck "Decrease background performance"

thats all... I really don't get it... why do u need a program to do something that is really easy ? XD congratulations: jou've just made it more complicated XD lol

btw... I'm just wondering... it is okay to cheat in a game where you are playing alone... NFS : Mos Wanted for example...

but on Lineage 2 you are playing with others... by cheating, you actually ruin their game... like Einstein said:

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."