Lineage 2 Hacking Tools

It is a program to check if the server you are playing is online.

L2J server
The famous Lineage 2 Java server (L2J) along with all the stuff that is needed for correct working and installation. You can make your own server with it.

Lineage Utils
A program so you can edit the lineage 2 game.

Lineage 2 – Fashion
Local fitting room for Lineage II

Lineage2 connector
It is a tool that will let you connect to any server you want without the need of getting the appropriate l2.ini .

Microsoft NET Framework 2.0
Very famous utility of Microsoft. You will need it in order to have a correct work with the hacks.

Program which removes the lag when you have two windows of the game open. Extremely useful when you make DualBoxing.

alli crest
Crests for alliance.

clan crest
Crests for clan

eL2Walker 1.46
The best InGame bot. I bet a lot of you where looking for it.

gui l2j
A program for fast and convenient start of your L2 java (L2J) server.

A decoder for Lineage 2.

Lineage 2 Informer 1.3
A tool of Lineage 2, L2Informer.

Program which shows the Health Points of the target, its level, equipment, stats, map with all the players and npc on it( and stuff) and a useful clock.

The most famous hack program on lineage 2 which was created by h1nt. It sends and receives packets from the server and vise versa.

l2helper 2.61
It is a bot, and it is an alternative solution to L2Walker.

nude patch
A patch that makes your character naked

A program for getting tokens which are needed when you want to make a bot for a server.

L2 editor (C3 C4)
It is a program which is used to code lineage 2 files. A coder in other words!

L2 Monster 1.7
A program that makes its user immune to all attacking skills. Lots of other features.

L2 Brut 1.4
A program to steal the password of other users.

L2PacketHack 3.1.4
A hlapex like program but this is better and works on C6 servers.

IGWalker 1.46

1. Step : Download IGWalker 1.46 + L2asrv - walker and the authorization bypasser

2. Step : Replace your host file - Check your C:/Windows/System32/etc folder (the path may change based on the OS you got) and replace the exisisting hosts file with the one attached in some post after this, after unpacking it.

3. Step : Unzip and Run - Now unzip all the folder contained in the package downloaded in the 1. Step in your L2 folder, or anywhere you want, then launch l2asrv.exe and LEAVE IT IN BACKGROUND. Now launch L2Walker.exe and in the PATH field, browse for your l2.exe (yes, even if you play on extreme)

4. Step : Initialization - Hit the Run botton on the bottom right to start L2, login with your char, and press the Home key (usually an arrow near Del) and you'll see the in-game panel. Check on "Other Ctrl" that there is written Verify OK (verification would only fail if you have closed or not open l2asrv.exe)

5. Step : Configure It & Enjoy! - Now you can set your config for your char and save/load it in the "Other Ctrl" panel. It's fully working and tested on L2eXtreme. Enjoy!

Remember to open and don't close l2asrv.exe, until you haven't loaded the game (and maybe also further, i'm gonna test it).